My other car is a riding mower

By dDub | Apr 13, 2010


Major Ben is at it again.  What a great shot of a classic rig. Where do we start?  Major Ben spotted the hardware on the boot first.  Upon closer inspection, a solid rim package, tricked out exhaust, Hawaiian lei hanging from the rear view mirror…. all solid.  But the real rig is next to one of the two back doors (hell, they could be front doors for all we know).  Nice work once again Major.

Not your Dad’s Biscayne

By dDub | Apr 7, 2010


Wow.  Sweet Rigs could quickly turn from memorializing the beater to focusing the real deal.  What a rare find for Champaign, Illinois to drive past a 1962 Chevy Biscayne.  You remember the Biscayne, right?  Cousin of the Bel Air, the Caprice, the Impala and, according to Wikipedia, the Delray.  This shiny rig was spotless and while I was chatting with the owner, a couple of Mexican dudes (sorry, is that offensive..? is it Mexican Americans?  Latinos?  Guess if anyone is reading this blog they’ll let me know) pulled up and it appeared a transaction was in the works.  He did tell me he did all the work himself, but had to go take care of his deal.  So I quickly snapped a picture with my Blackberry Storm and drove off, no doubt giving him a good reason to ask for a couple of grand extra on the sales price.  You’re welcome.

Room to Rhumba

By dDub | Mar 31, 2010

theelvisSpotted on the way home from Florida… nothing sweeter than a classic pink Cadillac, including the Elvis plates.  Of special note are the exhaust pipes emerging from the hood. I don’t suppose this is FlexFuel/E85 compatible?  Shit, I’ll reduce my carbon footprint just so you can continue to drive that bad boy around.  Nice work brother.

Any Tire Will Do

By dDub | Mar 29, 2010

anytirewilldoWhat a hack job on this otherwise nice looking Ford Explorer.  That’s either the nicest spare tire donut on the market or a full spare from his wife’s ride.  She’s going to be riding him to get that fixed and I mean soon.

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