Sentra of Confusion

By dDub | Feb 1, 2010

There are two purposes of a spoiler.  One use is to apply a downward force on the car so it increases it’s grip on the road.  The other use is to attach a spoiler to a piece of shit to give the impression that your rig is fast.  This Nissan Sentra has no reason to [...]

One of These Things Doesn’t Belong Here

By dDub | Jan 25, 2010

I see missed matched doors and quarter panels all the time, especially on the omnipresent Astro/Safari family of vans. I love these two examples, they represent both sides of the missed-matched panel dilemma. The Astro Van here being the recipient of a rather flashy new door, aggressively butting up against a non-descript maroon color scheme [...]

The Turdcel

By dDub | Sep 30, 2009

This thing is so punk rawk it hurts! That is a real hand done flame job on this early 90’s Tercel, each side had it’s own flavor. Love the corrrect placement of the flames as in a front wheel drive car the flames would indeed emanate from the front wheels. The hatch was covered with [...]

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