The Panther

By dDub | May 1, 2010

I can’t figure out of it was a puma or a panther… Does it really matter?  All I have to say is this is 100% a babe magnet.  Parked outside the Best Buy, you can imagine the theme is all about getting a little meow and often.  This dude is a quick operator and intends [...]


By dDub | Apr 27, 2010

Our man in Springfield scores again with this bad ass Ford Probe.  This guy might share a house with Toney The Tiger. Could be his old lady… or his beeeatch.    Anyway, the most striking feature of this picture has got to be the van in the background.  As far as the Probe goes, that’s classy [...]


By dDub | Apr 20, 2010

Major Ben scores again.  Big time!  Springfield IL appears to be a mecca of rigs. I mean,  where do we start with this bad ass caprice?  Honestly, I’m absolutely speechless.  The cool factor on this Sweet Rig goes to 11.  Can you imagine the amount of strange you would score if you had this sitting [...]

Gay Pride

By dDub | Mar 9, 2010

This is one of those innocent paint jobs from the middle 1970’s that backfires.  Fast forward to the 1978 when the Gay Pride movement hits (it probably didn’t hit the midwest until the 80’s) and all the sudden, this dude can’t figure out why guys in big bushy mustachios keep waiving at him.  You gotta [...]

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