Ford Truck Bed Cover

By dDub | Apr 29, 2010

It’s not very often you get a truck bed cover showing up on Sweet Rigs.  This Ford F150 is an exception to the rule however since not only does this not match in color, but he went ahead and dropped a spoiler on it as well.  Classy rig my man

My other car is a riding mower

By dDub | Apr 13, 2010

Major Ben is at it again.  What a great shot of a classic rig. Where do we start?  Major Ben spotted the hardware on the boot first.  Upon closer inspection, a solid rim package, tricked out exhaust, Hawaiian lei hanging from the rear view mirror…. all solid.  But the real rig is next to one [...]

Another Mitsubishi with a Spoiler… this is getting tiresome

By dDub | Mar 14, 2010

OK, another dude with a Mitsubishi with a spoiler?  We’re starting to spot a trend here… can someone enlighten our readers?  What’s the connection?

The babysitter gotta new spoiler

By dDub | Mar 12, 2010

Ah another classic from Sweet Rig reader Major Ben.  Tells me one of his babysitters recently purchased this car with the spoiler included. While Major Ben tried to convince this young college girl that this is a feature worth keeping, apparently having this removed was the second order of business after getting new plates, a [...]

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