The Swan

By dDub | Mar 11, 2010

The students call it Chuck Town and it’s where we find rare hood ornament that swells you up with pride.

You take a hand me down Volvo wagon, drive it to school and park it for the semester.  Fair enough until you see the awesome Swan ornament showing a subtle yet strong sense of humor [...]

Sobbing for Saab

By dDub | Jan 24, 2010

Well, this sums it up.  I was out running the other day and found a reminder of a fallen icon in the street.  The pride of Sweden is being to laid to rest as we write these words.  What the hell happened?  I remember back in college (mid 1980’s) we took my buddy’s parents Saab [...]

Volkswagon Longhorn

By dDub | Jan 13, 2010

Passat Wagon? - Check.
Yakima bike rack? - Check.
“COEXIST” bumper sticker? - Yep, got that too.
So what’s up with the Texas longhorn?  I can see one of these on an F-150, Duelie or any other blue blooded American product.  But a VW?  Are you serious?  I am still trying to figure out what’s up with [...]

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