Happy “A” Go Go Bar

By dDub | Mar 13, 2010

You gotta love and respect our friends in the Military for they are well known for recognizing and appreciating a Sweet Rig.  Take this for example.  Sweet Rig regular reader, Major Ben, pulled this picture out of his personal archive.  Story goes he and his buddies where traveling through Bratislava (that’s Slovakia folks) and [...]

Car Tattoos Truck Lettering

By dDub | Feb 3, 2010

One of the more established business operations serving the Sweet Rig marketplace.  This is typically where it all starts.  A couple of innocent car tattoos, maybe some graphics like Calvin pissing on a Ford logo.  Before long, you’re addicted and the custom auto graphics turns into custom spoilers, rims, paint jobs, hood scoops, and flux [...]

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