Little Pink Houses and All That Shit

By dDub | Jan 13, 2010

It’s a midwestern wet dream folks, a hot-rod ‘62 Chevy ll parked outside DQ. Where’s Fonzie, Ritchie, and the gang? How ’bout Jughead and the Riverdale kids? Gone you say? End of an era? Say it ain’t so! It’s true people, and the new crew is a bunch of ass draggin’, meth smokin’, rice tunin’ [...]

Ilwaco Washington: “Hood Scoop City, USA”

By dDub | Oct 6, 2009

My travels recently took me to wonderful Illwaco Washington for a two week stay. Beautiful country indeed but once the scenery wears off and boredom sets in you start considering what a handful of Ambien and a bottle of wine might do to raise your spirits, and suddenly Cobain’s decision to take the long dirt [...]

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