Room to Rhumba

By dDub | Mar 31, 2010

Spotted on the way home from Florida… nothing sweeter than a classic pink Cadillac, including the Elvis plates.  Of special note are the exhaust pipes emerging from the hood. I don’t suppose this is FlexFuel/E85 compatible?  Shit, I’ll reduce my carbon footprint just so you can continue to drive that bad boy around.  Nice work [...]

Any Tire Will Do

By dDub | Mar 29, 2010

What a hack job on this otherwise nice looking Ford Explorer.  That’s either the nicest spare tire donut on the market or a full spare from his wife’s ride.  She’s going to be riding him to get that fixed and I mean soon.

Original Promotional piece for the Caprice Classic

By dDub | Mar 15, 2010

Now for a break.  Any one who knows me understands why I am posting this.  What a great ad featuring the Caprice Sports Sedan, The Estate Wagon, The Caprice Convertible, and the Caprice Four Door Sedan.  In my life, my family has owned every version of this rig, culminating with an exact version of the [...]

Another Mitsubishi with a Spoiler… this is getting tiresome

By dDub | Mar 14, 2010

OK, another dude with a Mitsubishi with a spoiler?  We’re starting to spot a trend here… can someone enlighten our readers?  What’s the connection?

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