Dust in the Southwind

By dDub | Feb 5, 2010

We love a good motorhome here at Sweet Rigs.  And what’s not to love about this early 80’s Southwind?  A little tattered and soiled, but this thing rocks!  Got to be plenty of good miles left in this bad boy.  The shag carpet might be a little soiled and, yeah, it burns fuel… but this [...]

Car Tattoos Truck Lettering

By dDub | Feb 3, 2010

One of the more established business operations serving the Sweet Rig marketplace.  This is typically where it all starts.  A couple of innocent car tattoos, maybe some graphics like Calvin pissing on a Ford logo.  Before long, you’re addicted and the custom auto graphics turns into custom spoilers, rims, paint jobs, hood scoops, and flux [...]

Sentra of Confusion

By dDub | Feb 1, 2010

There are two purposes of a spoiler.  One use is to apply a downward force on the car so it increases it’s grip on the road.  The other use is to attach a spoiler to a piece of shit to give the impression that your rig is fast.  This Nissan Sentra has no reason to [...]

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