The Turdcel

By dDub | Sep 30, 2009

This thing is so punk rawk it hurts! That is a real hand done flame job on this early 90’s Tercel, each side had it’s own flavor. Love the corrrect placement of the flames as in a front wheel drive car the flames would indeed emanate from the front wheels. The hatch was covered with [...]

Pimpin in Vail

By dDub | Sep 23, 2009

Even though the traffic was whippin’ by me at 75mph, I had to stop and take a shot of this badass ride! This stylin’ rig took some time to take care of!! Just look at that kickin’ spoiler! And those beautiful stripes headin’ down the mid-section!!! You know this boy’s got the coin to back [...]

Brother Can You Spare a Dime Bag?

By dDub | Sep 18, 2009

Oh Sweet Indiana. A land where time stands still, 1982 to be exact. I spotted Spicolli pulling in for gas, a quart of oil, and some Lotto tickets, and decided to go in for the kill. We got to talking about his rig:
Him: “I paid $400 for it and it’s only got 126,000 miles on [...]

Trans Van

By dDub | Sep 3, 2009

It always shocks me whenever I see one of these hulking metal Mastadons from an era gone by still roaming the earth. Not only that but this dude managed to get a parking space (and a half) two blocks from Wrigley field on a game day. Go figure. Imagine if you will the year is [...]

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